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11 Aug 2009 Maryse defeated MVP in the rematch by submission AGAIN! Why… do wrestling coaches teach the reverse figure - 4 headscissors
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Louise has been wrestling in pro and submission matches in England since she was 14. Her favorite hold is a forward figure - four headscissors .
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Female pro wrestlers - headscissors www.youtube.com 2008-08-22 Reverse figure four headscissors www.ulinkx.com 2008-04-23. moreheadscissorwork www. ulinkx.com 2008-04-23. Women's Competitive Wrestling - Submission by Headscissors
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Figure Four Head Scissors , Reverse Standing Chin Lock And Face Sit. ..... 3199, 4 F Films, 35 M, NUDITY, Topless Female Submission Wrestling : Part2.
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14 Feb 2009 once she has worn me down she applies a submission hold on me reverse head scissors . figure 4 headscissors . sleeper hold. bostan crab
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Headscissors Submission
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Also referred to as a head scissors , this hold sees a wrestler approach a ..... This submission hold involves a combination of the Figure - Four Leglock and
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Afrika dominates the match with headscissors submissions that she repeatedly ignores. .... wrestling match featuring boston crabs, headscissors -standing and figure four , If you wish to buy your female wrestling DVD's by snailmail:
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Female Bodybuilder Wrestling Megan Avalon Headscissors Duration :60 Sec classic figure 4 headscissors submission in mixed wrestling 84d
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13 Nov 2010 Some men like breasts others asses other female genetalia. Figure 4 Head Scissors is the best submission wrestling holds. Fightingirls
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For the fans of realistic fem vs. fem submission grappling . Length: 32 Minutes; VHS Price: $25.00 DVD: Intense action with lots of head scissors and figure fours . Competitive but friendly fem vs fem and fem vs. male wrestling.
How did Maryse defeat MVP by headscissors leglock submission
Uploaded on 10/10/07. Recorded on 30/11/06. mixed wrestling figure four headscissors head scissors figurefour pro style brit female muscle mixed wrestling head scissors .... Mixed Wrestling Scissors Submission